Anyone that tells you that selling a business is like selling a house hasn’t sold a business before…

Tailored Exit Planning Services

Many of you owners will only sell one business in your lifetime. It’s a time of high stress and mixed emotions.

As a result it’s really easy to make assumptions about:

  • how businesses are valued;
  • how long businesses take to sell;
  • how much to spend and where on advertising and promoting a business for sale.

As a result it’s also easy to be swayed by bad advice from advisors who are compromised or simply out-of- touch.

This bad advice can also come from well-meaning friends or business contacts who might think they know how to sell a business.

The personal and financial impact of a sale that doesn’t deliver what the owner had hoped for can be very hard to accept. Once the sale is done though that’s it. You don’t get a second chance.

If the sale falls over all together it can be devastating. It’s incredibly hard to fire yourself up and start the entire process over again.

But selling a business can be done well and we can definitely help you. Good business sales are the product of thorough planning, disciplined management of the process and smart, commercial advice. There are a lot of things to be done.

If a successful sale of your business is really important to you, either financially or personally, then contact us.

Kerr Capital has been through the process many times with many owners and we extensive experience working with owners of businesses worth between $200K and $5M.