Anyone that tells you that selling a business is like selling a house hasn’t sold a business before…

Selling a Business

If selling your business is important to you – and the good reasons are usually both personal and financial – then it’s straight forward. You need to plan well.

And when you've finished the planning, and the time is right, you need to run a smart business sale program.

Our Solutions for Business Owners

Business Sale Program

We have developed Australia's best and only broker backed do-it-yourself business sale program.

The program covers every step in the sale process and includes our direct support at key stages.

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Rushed decisions on your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sell your business almost always end badly.

Our B.O.D will help you:

  • answer a lot of the questions, both personal and business.
  • understand everything that’s involved in a sale process.
  • realise if selling is right, and what the best timing is.

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Business Broking Services

Selling a business can be done well but its time consuming, stressful and often full of mixed emotions. Good business sales are the product of thorough planning, disciplined management and smart, commercial advice. In a nutshell there a lot of things need to be done.

This effort is worth it if the sale of your business is really important to you – financially, personally or whatever other reason.

Kerr Capital has been through the process many times, with extensive experience working with owners of businesses worth $200K and $5M.

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Selling or getting out will only happen once for most of you. You need to get it right.

This is where we help. We take care of all the fundamentals. We provide owners with frank, practical and smart commercial advice to maximise business value and ensure the shortest possible sale timeframe.

But for most owners there is more to it. Those niggling questions and personal uncertainties. We take time to understand you, and to listen. When the time is right we guide you through the business sale. Business sales are a once-in-a-lifetime event and are typically very tumultuous and emotionally draining.

The way we guide owners through the sale process is different and better. Most importantly it helps you to get a more successful end result.

We can provide valuable guidance and direction regardless of the stage you are at.

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For many of you it won’t be that clear cut. Maybe you are thinking 1,2, 3 or even 5 years? Maybe you just don’t know?. It’s OK – we can talk it through and help you work out what’s right for you. To get started read more here.