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Tailored Business Acquisition Services

Growth through acquisition is a textbook solution for common business issues like slowing revenue growth, slow and inefficient internal service and product development and combatting competitive threats from superior Intellectual Property and human capital.

Taking it from a textbook and theoretical fix to finding and buying the business that resolves your critical business issues can be boiled down to six key steps.

  1. Develop a set of acquisition criteria to be clear on what you buy and why! There are lots of ‘interesting’ businesses out there but you need to focus on those that solve critical business issues.
  2. You need to pro-actively search the ‘hidden market’. If your strategy is based on diligently working the business sale websites and eagerly awaiting ‘business for sale or merge’ ads in the next industry publication it will fail.
  3. Harvest the businesses you identify and approach. Acquisitions always take longer than you think to finalise.
  4. Build relationships whilst harvesting the acquisition opportunity. Effective relationships between the buyer and the seller are critical to getting deals done and then, most importantly, making them stick.
  5. Defining and refining the deal. When a deal becomes likely, or specific terms get discussed, write them down and then seek agreement, or not, with the other party. Even if you start by using the 'back of an envelope' it's a discipline any professional acquirer needs to adopt to be more successful.
  6. Project managing the deal through to completion is essential. Unless someone owns the acquisition project, is charged with overseeing communications and actively coordinates and project manages all these players the timeline will drift. When the timeline drifts – even if the deal still looks right – the chances of the deal falling over climb.

If you are an owner, CEO or senior executive who understands the potential, in one or more acquisitions, but is struggling with finding and buying the right businesses then contact us for a confidential discussion.