Where to Next?

The site is about the 'where to next' for:

  1. Owners of small businesses who are contemplating selling
  2. Individuals or companies considering buying a small business.

If you are selling we can help you achieve the best result possible including realising maximum value, fast-tracking the sale timeframe and reducing owner stress and uncertainty.

If you are buying we can help you identify the right business and then evaluate it so you pay the right price and get the deal done in the most efficient way.

The Small Business Buyer Eco-System

Based on the experience of advising hundreds of small business owners, over more than 25 years we have started this blog to increase your awareness and understanding of the complexities of the small business sale and acquisition process. Handled badly even the smallest business sale or acquisition can turn into a disaster that can drain the owner of time and money and send stress levels skyrocketing.

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